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Welcome to Focusing on Young Nurses Initiative (FYNI), where nurses are inspired to become leaders. 

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FYNI is designed to encourage the nursing students and practicing nurses to have more confidence and hope in their profession while becoming the best they can be in terms of personal, academic and professional development.

Creation of mentorship platforms for young nurses and nursing students

Preserving the hope and the future of nursing profession, and improving the standard of Nursing practice.

Empowering young nurses by providing platforms that affords them the opportunity to utilize their talents and positively impact their own lives

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Focusing on Young Nurses Initiative (FYNI) is a vision of Professor Adebayo and Professor Prisca Adejumo. The organization is committed to empowering young nurses by providing platforms that facilitate, cultivate and afford them the opportunity to utilize their talents and positively impact their own lives, the lives of the patients and significant others as well as the nursing professionals.

Transform your Nursing Journey

FYNI provides leadership and direction for younger nurses who are the future of the major workforce in the health industry of any nation.

Preserving the hope and the future of nursing profession.

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The Webinar

The goal of the webinar is to inspire the next generation of nurses and midwives in Nigeria by sharing the stories and journeys of established nurses and midwives who have been in the career for years.

The webinar will be recorded in seasons with each season being 10 episodes long. It will be a bi-monthly webinar involving an experienced (mentor) and a young (mentee) nurse.

Prof Adebayo Adejumo

RN, RPON, BSc Nsg, MSc (Clin. Psy), PhD (Dev. Psy), MHSc. Bioethics FWACN & FNPA

Prof Prisca Adejumo

RN, PhD (Nursing), FWACN, IIWCC

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Watch our last webinar

Here is the video of the last webinar we held on Leadership & Politics.

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What Do To Before Setting Goals As A Young Nurse

“Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive.” — Robert H. Schuller.

Goal setting is a vital aspect of professional & personal development. Find out how to develop powerful goals as a young nurse…


FYNI Official Webinar Report | Maiden Webinar

Here is a brief official report of the just concluded maiden webinar of FYNI. The live recording will be made available soon. Once it’s ready, viewing links will be sent to your registered emails & our various social media channels.

FYNI Webinar

My Nursing Journey | FYNI’s Maiden Mentorship Webinar

As part of our initiatives to help young nurses discover their potentials as they journey through the profession, FYNI is organizing a series of webinars that take the form of interview sessions that features Nurses from two different generations (a younger and an older nurse.)