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Here is a personal & touching testimony of a nurse who drinks from the pure streams of mentorship wisdom that flows from the heart of one of the founders of FYNI. Inspiration awaits you...


Let me tell you a little about the Adejumo’s who I have been privileged to know. 

As a corper in Ibadan, Nigeria, a colleague told me about Prof. PRISCA ADEJUMO; She is a Christian, intelligent, and all… 

As my personality be naa, as person wey like good thing”

I decided to trace this woman. She told me she worships in Glory Tabernacle. I went there. I met her through someone and greeted her. And we parted ways. 

Then I got to know she works in the Department of Nursing, U.I [University of Ibadan.]

Fortunately, I applied for my master’s in Nursing at U.I.

Thank God we will meet very well now [I thought within me.] 

So, I started the prog, she joined our WhatsApp group as the HOD. 

And in that group, I am also called Prof…

She will always call me Prof. even when she hadn’t yet known my abilities because we were yet to write any exams at that time.

Who does that?

Prof. Prisca Adejumo.

She has this way of talking without judging which I found interesting and I loved. 

So I got closer to her one day, in UCH [University College Hospital]. 

I used to be very private about my personal life.

But I saw myself opening up to her. She was not judgemental about anything I told her – Hmmm

So the mentorship journey started.

I saw someone I could open up to about everything; Relationships, Spiritual, etc. 

She has this way of talking without judging which I found interesting and I loved. 

So I became a Clinical Instructor in the Dept of Nursing UI.

We were asked to choose a mentor. 

“Omo I rush choose am.” 

But she said you must write an official letter. 

“I no waste time, I write am. Who no like better thing?”

 Since then I have learned a lot from her. 

My “IOWA dream” is inspired by her?. She always says “when I was in IOWA, Chicago” etc. And I love the way she says it. 

She has taken me as not just a mentee but as a daughter. 

So this is to let you know that joining FYNI as a nurse is not a mistake and you won’t regret it.

Make it a date with greatness as we learn from the wealth of wisdom embedded in Prof. Bayo Adejumo.

Inspiration awaits you right here! [register here.]

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