Maximising The Benefits Of Sigma As A Nurse: Twitter Space Chat With International Sigma Representatives

“We value and celebrate excellence and are committed to quality, and accountability in all our
education, practice, and research endeavors — for our members and for the nursing profession.
We are proud of the reputation, legacy, evolution, community involvement, and contributions
Sigma and its members have made in the past, are making in the present, and will make into the
future.” – Sigma Global Values Statement.

FYNI Twitter Space Report | Navigating a Difficult Career/Academic Environment

The Twitter Space started at about 6:15 pm with the co-host, Inem Etuk moderating the session.  She introduced the speaker, Prof Prisca Olabisi Adejumo. Thereafter, a short prayer was done after which Prof Prisca gave a brief welcome address, and then the moderator encouraged the listeners to tweet about the “Twitter Space” to enable more people to join. The Twitter […]

FYNI Comprehensive Webinar Report | Nurses & Politics: Engaging The Young Nurse | January

Here’s a comprehensive report of the just concluded FYNI webinar. The webinar video will be made available. You can always access it either here on the website, our social media pages, or our Youtube page. Introduction Welcome Address & Introduction of Guests The webinar “Leadership and Politics in Nigerian Nursing: Engaging the Young Nurse,” is […]

Leadership & Politics In Nigerian Nursing: Engaging The Young Nurse | FYNI Bimonthly Webinar

Kelly 2007, posited that nurses must become political activists to safeguard the profession from unhealthy policies, which can be channeled through politics and changes in public policy. Kelly, 2007 As the largest group of healthcare providers, nurses are in a unique and powerful position to serve as advocates for patients, communities, and the nursing profession, […]

FYNI Official Webinar Report | Maiden Webinar

Here is a brief official report of the just concluded maiden webinar of FYNI. The live recording will be made available soon. Once it’s ready, viewing links will be sent to your registered emails & our various social media channels.

My Nursing Journey | FYNI’s Maiden Mentorship Webinar

FYNI Webinar

As part of our initiatives to help young nurses discover their potentials as they journey through the profession, FYNI is organizing a series of webinars that take the form of interview sessions that features Nurses from two different generations (a younger and an older nurse.)