Nurses With A Difference – Riding On The Legacies Of The Founders

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They have proved their worth by practicing a brand of Nursing that adds value to not just a few but many lives across nations and their impact can still be felt in the nursing community & the world...

Oftentimes, I sit to reflect on the fact that there are and have been millions who have identified as Nurses all over the world but there is hardly a handful of men and women that we can remember. 

I then decided to do a little search and in this article, I will like to take you on a brief tour through the life and times of some early and founding historical Nursing figures.  

They have proved their worth by practicing a brand of Nursing that adds value to not just a few but many lives across nations and their impact can still be felt in the nursing community & the world. 

The legacy that they have left behind still inspires a lot of nurses, both old & young to do more for the profession & their community. 

Their perception of nursing was way beyond self-service, they saw it as a means to reach out to other people, to touch the hearts of nations. 

They sought to make a lasting & enduring impact, one that outlives them and that spans beyond their local environment, reaching the whole world. 

Over the years, the nursing profession in Nigeria has struggled to re-present itself to the public as a profession that needs to be respected and honored. 

What we fail to realize is that honor and respect are not demanded but earned

Respect is earned as a wage for the value added to someone else’s life and to what extent you add value is to the same extent you will be honored.

Nurses Can Shake The World!

The first person worthy of note is the legendary woman popularly known as “Lady with the Lamp” – Florence Nightingale. 

Against all odds, she moved from her comfort zone to the war zone. 

During the Crimean war, she and a team of nurses improved the unsanitary conditions at a British base hospital, reducing the death count by two-thirds. 

Through her writings, worldwide health reform was sparked. 

Today, she is no more, but the impact she has made can’t be wiped off the sands of time.

Mrs. Clara Barton, Born December 25, 1821, in Oxford, Massachusetts was a nurse educator and founder of the American Red cross. 

She worked in the U.S patent office and was an independent nurse during the civil war. 

While visiting Europe, she worked with a relief organization known as the International Red Cross and there she lobbied for an American branch when she returned home. 

It was founded in 1881, and Barton served as its first president. 

Through the Red Cross in America, it is no doubt that millions of lives have been saved and the figures still count on.

What more can I say of Virginia Henderson? The Nurse who gave that solid definition of nursing and her book “principles of Nursing care” is still widely used today all over the world and has been translated into more than 20 languages. 

Mary Seacole, who is known to be the unsung hero of the 19th century borrowed money and made the 4000 miles trek to Crimea to help the wounded and injured soldiers from the war all on her own. 

She was also able to create boarding houses for the wounded to ensure that they could stay in a livable place while being treated.

Riding On Their Legacies

It is on the legacies of these phenomenal Nurses that the profession was built and we can’t afford to do anything less to bring Nursing to a place of national relevance, especially in Nigeria. 

We all as Nurses must see beyond personal & selfish interests. Our aim should be to add value to the healthcare system in our country. We should be thinking of how to innovate & advocate so that all Nigerians can get access to quality care. 


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