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Here is a brief official report of the just concluded maiden webinar of FYNI. The live recording will be made available soon. Once it's ready, viewing links will be sent to your registered emails & our various social media channels.

The long-anticipated webinar scheduled to hold on the 28th of September, 2021 started at 6 pm through Zoom.

The registrar of the Nursing and midwifery council, Dr. Umar Faruq Abubakar was in attendance to launch the initiative. 

He acknowledged the need for mentorship and applauded the founder and co-founder (Prof Adebayo and Prof Prisca Adejumo). He also promised support for the organization.

Professor Prisca Adejumo gave an inaugural speech, which provided more details about the goals, visions, founders, and volunteers. She also spoke about the drive of the organization and what it is set to achieve.

The webinar was moderated by Miss Ololade Ruth, who interviewed the two guests; Professor Bayo Adejumo and Mr. Israel. 

I am privileged to have been mentored by brilliant, blunt and hardworking mentors in the course of my career. Every young Nurse needs such one!

Prof ‘Bayo ADEJUMO

The questions asked ranged from different aspects of their lives [personal & professional.]

Questions were entertained from the over 167 participants in attendance, each question was carefully dissected and answered by the guests.

The secretary of the organization, Fadodun Damilola rounded up the program that lasted for over two hours. She also announced that another session of the webinar will be coming up soon, reiterating the vision of the organization to help young nurses find their career/professional trajectories. 

Participants were encouraged to take part in the needs assessment which will follow a webinar as approved by the committee of ethics, University of Ibadan. 

Furthermore, she assured everyone presented that a recording of the meeting will be made available and broadcasted accordingly. 

Reporting: Otun Damilola.

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  1. This’ a good initiative. I hope and believe that the goals/objectives of this initiative will be achieved at the end of the day.

    I am appealing that notifications for any webinar to be held should always be sent to the various social media handle of the group to help us participate as scheduled. Thanks.

  2. FYNI is a well thought project. A well packaged and branded product. The delivery of great and inspiring hopes. I see a ship come sailing. FYNI, the long awaited ship has come to bath and anchor unveiling great and most patient friendly consultants in health care profession. Birthing the nurse- led clinics of all nursing specialities. The most excellent of all in the health care industry. Bravo Great Nurses!!! Long live FYNI, Long live professors Bayo and Prisca Adejumo. Long live Nursing, the profession of the nobles.
    I am excited to see my dream for Nursing and in Nigeria in particular coming to pass through FYNI in my time. God bless us all. AMEN.

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