A Fresh Start

The year is just starting and fresh challenges are going to be hurled your way as a young nurse, there is something that you must have for you to make good progress this year, and it’s adequate/accurate knowledge

Here are six vital things young nurses must know for them to have a year decorated with success. 

1. Define and Seek To Gain Clarity On Your Purpose and Place In The Profession

Ask yourself the question, What would I be remembered for as a Nurse? 

Don’t forget, you are not going to remain young forever. 

Now is the time to define what the decades ahead will look like for you. 

Please, don’t be deceived to solely seek recognition, fame, and money, no one has ever found satisfaction by seeking these things. 

Rather, ask yourself, what impact can I make? What value can I add to Nigeria’s health sector beginning with my local community? 

Money, fame, and recognition are always a by-product of a valuable life. 

You may be able to figure out your place in Nursing by finding out what you’re most passionate about. 

Then, you can think of what unique contribution you can make in that space of your passion. 

2. Set Clear, Workable Goals For Your Life and Career

Your today is a product of yesterday’s actions and inactions. 

To have things go better In the coming year, you will need to set them as goals and begin to take actions in the line of your goals. 

Your goals must be specific and time-bound. 

Of course, you must ensure these goals are realistic. 

Set a year goal and break it down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. 

You will be amazed at how much progress you will make if you can do this. 

Success is not achieved in a day but it is achieved by what we do daily. 

Don’t be worked up for not meeting those goals at any point, pick up from where you stop and continue! 

3. Locate a Mentor and Stay Committed To The Mentorship Process

Having gotten a glimpse of where you’re headed with your life in the coming year, you will need the help of people to keep you inspired and most importantly, hold you accountable. 

So, as you progress, become a steward to some person you believe can push you to your goals. 

You’re going to have to be ready to work too, so prepare your mind! 

4. Study!

As a nurse, you must understand that your critical advantage is in what you know and how well you put them to practice. 

It is a misnomer to think that because you have just earned a degree or you are no longer in formal academic training, studying is over, never think that way!

Some tips on how to expand your knowledge are to get exposed to advances in nursing and medical practice by reviewing research articles relevant to your field of practice. 

Also, get acquainted with policy documents from WHO, ICN, RCN, and others alike. 

They open you up to global perspectives and enable you to make better career decisions. 

You do better when you know better! 

5. Leverage Social Media For Your Career Advancement 

As digital natives that we young nurses are, we spend a lot of time on social media apps. 

However, the big question is what are you doing with social media? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others are great tools for connecting with great minds both within and outside the profession. 

You need to create a meaningful brand of yourself on social media. 

From your profile to the content you post, ensure it communicates your uniqueness, passion, and contributions to social change. 

By this, you position yourself for connection with high flyers.

6. Endeavour To Think Differently

As you may have heard, “it is as a man thinks in his heart, that he is.” 

This year, refuse to see limitations and embrace a positive, progressive mindset. 

Many Nurses around you might be quick to spell the woes of the profession to you, don’t fall for such limiting mindsets! 

The truth is, they have been like that for many years and nothing has changed. 

We have too many people already talking about the problems, now is the time to think and act solutions! 

Have a great and fulfilling year ahead. Cheers!

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