Leadership & Politics In Nigerian Nursing: Engaging The Young Nurse | FYNI Bimonthly Webinar

Kelly 2007, posited that nurses must become political activists to safeguard the profession from unhealthy policies, which can be channeled through politics and changes in public policy.

Kelly, 2007

As the largest group of healthcare providers, nurses are in a unique and powerful position to serve as advocates for patients, communities, and the nursing profession, by leveraging their numbers [and experience] to exert influence on healthcare policies.

Health reform has become largely polarized along political and partisan lines.

Hence, the need for nurses to influence such reforms. They must be politically involved, politically skillful, and politically informed [and mentored right].

The first FYNI webinar for the year has been dedicated to discussions surrounding the importance of Nurses In Politics.

Are you passionate about Nursing Politics?

Do you have concerns about the political condition of nursing in Nigeria?

Do you have burning questions about nursing leadership and politics in Nigeria?

Do you have a desire to step into the realms of nursing politics in Nigeria?

It’s another amazing session of the FYNI webinar series as we look into Leadership and Politics in Nigerian Nursing.

Join us in this interactive session as we interview notable political leaders in the nursing profession in Nigeria.

As it has always been our culture, to host a younger and an older nurse. In this series, we will be hosting Comrade Michael E. Nnachi [Incubent President NANNM, Nigeria] and Nr. Sina Ayelabowo [Past National President NANSNM, Nigeria].

You now have the opportunity to ask your questions, get insight & above all, receive the mentorship that you need to set you on the right path in nursing politics & leadership in Nigeria.

Date: 28th January 2022.
Time: 6pm.

Set your reminders, plan & place it in your schedule.

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