Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Proper Mentorship | FYNI Mentorship Academy 

In developed societies, mentorship has become a vital part of the work culture.  These advanced societies have discovered that proper mentorship contributes immensely to societal growth and development.  With proper mentorship, young professionals in any industry or community are more productive in their professional endeavors and lives because they have more experienced minds around to […]

Introducing The FYNI Mentorship Academy


“At a time when health care is experiencing unparalleled change, skillful mentors can provide stability while facilitating change in a positive and thoughtful manner, contributing to the development of the next generation of nursing care providers”. While nursing is multifaceted with several opportunities and challenges, there is a fine line between enduring and enjoying one’s nursing practice.  Every day, […]

Twitter Space Report | Mentorship In Nursing: Reality Or Mirage | 28th May 2022

Report Of The Second Edition Of The Twitter Space Series Topic: Mentorship in Nursing: Reality or Mirage 06:00 pm, 28th May 2022 General Information Chief Host: Professor Adebayo and Professor Prisca Adejumo. Guest: Dr. Saleh Garba. Host: Nurse Otun Damilola. Average number of live participants: 80+. Objectives of The Meeting To share insight, experiences, and […]

FYNI Twitter Space Report | Navigating a Difficult Career/Academic Environment

The Twitter Space started at about 6:15 pm with the co-host, Inem Etuk moderating the session.  She introduced the speaker, Prof Prisca Olabisi Adejumo. Thereafter, a short prayer was done after which Prof Prisca gave a brief welcome address, and then the moderator encouraged the listeners to tweet about the “Twitter Space” to enable more people to join. The Twitter […]