Official Report Of Twitter Space | Sigma 100 years of Nursing Excellence: Opportunities for the young Nurse

Topic: Sigma 100 years of Nursing Excellence: Opportunities for the young Nurse 

06:00 pm, 2nd October 2022

This is the official report of the Twitter space held on October 2nd for “SIGMA @ 100”, which was organized by FYNI.

You are encouraged to share it with friends, colleagues, and your network so that those who could not attend the space can know more about SIGMA. 

General Information:

Chief Host(s): Professor Adebayo and Professor Prisca Adejumo.

Guest Speaker(s): Prof. Modeste Regis (RN, PhD);

Dr Adesola A. Ogunfowokan (RN, PhD, FWACN)

Prof. Prisca Adejumo (RN, Ph.D., FWACN, IIWC) 

The Twitter space began at around 6 pm with the opening prayer by Nurse Ruth Ololade, with an average of 142 participants.

The meeting was hosted by Nurse Kumi Srah and co-hosted by Nurse Arowolo Damilare.

Focus of Discussion

  • To celebrate Sigma’s 100 years of excellence and appreciate their achievements in the Nursing world.
  • To also create awareness about Sigma; how to become a member and the benefits of being a member as a young Nurse.


In the meeting’s opening address, Professor Prisca Adejumo welcomed everyone present, including the speakers.

She shared how she heard about Sigma Theta Tau as a student and became a member, but now the awareness has fizzled out as most students are no longer aware of its existence. She encouraged all participants to take steps to join.

History of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)

A brief history of Sigma Theta Tau International Honour Society for Nurses was provided by Prof. Modeste Regis Rugira, president of Alpha Beta Beta Chapter of Sigma, South Africa. 

At the Indiana University Training School for Nurses, Sigma was founded in 1922. 

Six nurses who wanted to do something to advance the nursing profession in their capacity founded the organisation. 

The name has its origins in love, courage, and honour.

It is worthy of note that this year marks 100 years of Sigma’s existence. 

She acknowledged that some people are still not aware of the vision and mission of the organisation.

The ultimate objective is to empower and develop nurses to improve healthcare services around the world.

Sigma Theta Tau International Honour Society for Nurses currently has around 135,000 members across the globe, making it the 2nd largest organisation in the world. 

It has more than 600 chapters in the world and exists in more than 100 countries. 

The Sigma board of directors has determined four strategic goals to guide the organisation:

  • Grow in value for members and all nurses worldwide who are pursuing excellence.
  • 2. Promote and celebrate nursing scholarship, leadership, and service worldwide.
  • 3. Build partnerships and collaborative endeavours to advance the mission of the society.
  • 4. Sustain and advance the resources of the society.  

History of Sigma in Nigeria

Dr Adesola A. Ogunfowokan, the pioneer and past president of the Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter of Sigma, OAU, Nigeria, gave an enlightening exposition as regards Sigma in Nigeria. 

Two chapters currently exist in Nigeria, which are: the “Alpha Alpha Upsilon” chapter at OAU and the “Alpha Beta, Gamma” chapter at Babcock University. 

As of 2018, they both belonged to another chapter. In 2019, they became independent with their chattering ceremony held on October 13th, 2020. Inducted were 45 new members and 25 transfer members. “Alpha Alpha” is 2 years old now.

Global Achievement of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)

Prof. Modeste stated that not only is the organisation growing in numbers but also in achievement:

  • The global initiative was conducted to develop Nurses academically either as Nurse educators, leaders, or researchers.
  • Consistently publish two papers annually which has been a platform for the development and provision of information to Nurses across the globe and even other health care professionals. 
  • organises scientific conferences and congresses.
  • Online education for the development of nurses. Also, books are published by the organization and are accessible to all.
  • Participation and engagement with the international council of Nurses, WACN and WHO. 

Achievement of Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter in Nigeria

Dr Adesola A. Ogunfowokan recalled that even though this chapter is young, it has made some notable achievements which are:

  • The chapter seems to be the fastest growing globally with 102,000 members.
  • Has mentorship activities for Nurses following a lecture on Mentorship in Nursing.
  • Celebrated Sigma week which encompasses: community service, outreach, health screening and education for students and staff.
  • 1st ever scientific conference was organized with over 84 people in attendance, and award presentation.
  • Election of the current president in the person of Prof. Prisca Adejumo
  • Conducted 2 induction ceremonies so far.

Challenges So Far

  • Funding was the major challenge but was strategically handled by soliciting support. 

The state of Sigma in Nigeria in comparison to international chapters

The current state is deficient and lagging in so many areas, such as in the provision of research, grants, and so on. 

But one of the major issues with the Nigeria chapter is creating awareness. 

Even though Sigma has existed since 2009, it was not pronounced until now!

Opportunities For Young Nurses In Sigma

Professor Prisca Adejumo, the current president of the “Alpha Alpha Upsilon” chapter of Sigma, OAU, Nigeria, gave the following benefits of being a member of the organisation:

  • International Networking opportunities with professional colleagues in your specific area of interest
  • Continuing education and scholarships.
  • Skills development.
  • Nursing leadership education grant.
  • Research grants.
  • Fuels pursuit of excellence.
  • Big field to learn from superior achievements.
  • Quality leaders are discovered and developed.
  • A high professional standard is fostered. 
  • Opportunity to serve and showcase creativity

To mention but a few…

How Can A Young Nurse Come On Board?

  • By volunteering
  • Equipping yourself through online webinars.
  • Opportunity to serve and showcase our creativity.

Membership Criteria

  • Graduate of a Baccalaureate program or undergraduate with superior academic achievement.
  • School Of nursing students can participate if there is a notable achievement by the individual.
  • The cost implication is 47.8 dollars.
  • Approach any official for the process of membership.

Professor Prisca Adejumo reminded us that 6 students started the initiative, therefore challenging young nurses to contribute wherever they find themselves. 

Even if you’re not invited to a table, create one for yourself. Be an influencer. 

Visit for more information.

Create something! Leave a legacy!

In closing the space conversation, Prof Adebayo Adejumo appreciated the speakers and participants. 

The space ended at about 7:30 pm.

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