Twitter Space Report | Mentorship In Nursing: Reality Or Mirage | 28th May 2022

Report Of The Second Edition Of The Twitter Space Series Topic: Mentorship in Nursing: Reality or Mirage 06:00 pm, 28th May 2022 General Information Chief Host: Professor Adebayo and Professor Prisca Adejumo. Guest: Dr. Saleh Garba. Host: Nurse Otun Damilola. Average number of live participants: 80+. Objectives of The Meeting To share insight, experiences, and […]

FYNI Twitter Space Report | Navigating a Difficult Career/Academic Environment

The Twitter Space started at about 6:15 pm with the co-host, Inem Etuk moderating the session.  She introduced the speaker, Prof Prisca Olabisi Adejumo. Thereafter, a short prayer was done after which Prof Prisca gave a brief welcome address, and then the moderator encouraged the listeners to tweet about the “Twitter Space” to enable more people to join. The Twitter […]

The Immense Benefits of Networking For Nurses | Part 2

The Oxford Dictionary defines networking as “the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.”  Simply put, networking is the deliberate act of engaging with others to form and sustain social or professional bonds. It is no news that networking is a commonly used word in the 21st […]

The Immense Benefits of Networking For Student Nurses

When Should Professional Networking Start? Some believe that networking starts outside of school, i.e., when one is done with studies and becomes a registered nurse — the notion is wrong. Professional networking starts in school. It starts with the clinical postings organized by the school/learning institutions. These postings aim to equip the student nurse with […]


For the young nurse that wants to seize the future and express creative genius, they must know how to develop leadership qualities. Leadership has been a major talk in the world of Nursing lately.  Global Nursing organizations have been advocating for Nurses to have a place in the leadership and decision-making table of the healthcare systems of nations and […]


“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals—that is, goals that do not inspire them.” Tony Robbins The year is still new, and we all have a lot of new year resolutions.  There were lots of things we did not achieve in 2021. We carried them over to 2022 to start on a clean […]

FYNI Comprehensive Webinar Report | Nurses & Politics: Engaging The Young Nurse | January

Here’s a comprehensive report of the just concluded FYNI webinar. The webinar video will be made available. You can always access it either here on the website, our social media pages, or our Youtube page. Introduction Welcome Address & Introduction of Guests The webinar “Leadership and Politics in Nigerian Nursing: Engaging the Young Nurse,” is […]