FYNI Is Building The Most Extensive Online Image Gallery To Celebrate Nurses Month

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Our online media campaigns use the media’s power to place younger nurses in the spotlight. 

We want them, especially young black nurses, to be confident. 

We want the world to know that they are out there and they are very proud of their profession, and are doing all they can to push the profession forward.  

Media campaigns like this one on “Flickr” reveal the faces and the smiles of the young, caring, dedicated and skilled hands of budding nurses who are the profession’s future. 

FYNI nursing models pose for a picture in the theatre.
FYNI Media

With campaigns like these, we also want the public to know who nurses are. 

They say “pictures speak louder than words,” and speaking loud for nursing and nurses is the primary goal behind our media campaigns. 

Nurses are intelligent, autonomous, qualified healthcare professionals who contribute immensely to the overall development of any healthcare ecosystem on the planet. 

Without them, there would be no healthcare structure or system. 

Their practices are etched deep in the scientific principles of evidence-based care, which is the absolute principle that underscores scientific processes, practices or procedures anywhere. 

But over the years, very little attention has been placed on what they really do and who they are. 

On the other hand, culture has also immensely contributed to staining the profession’s glorious image. 

We can rewrite the narrative with innovative media technologies. 

Young nurse examines a patient by the bed side with a stethoscope.
Young nurse examines a patient by the bed side with a stethoscope.

We can set a transformational paradigm shift in motion with our creativity. 

We hope you can join us on this journey. 

Use these images in your online media campaigns, designs, websites and communications. 

We have made them available for free. We only request you place a reference link [use this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fyni_free_nursing_image_library/] in the images or give us an image credit [FYNI Media]

We “specially” appreciate Professor Prisca Adejumo & Professor Bayo Adejumo for making it possible to carry out this project. 

Projects of this magnitude require a lot of resources in time, talent and finance. 

They provided all that we needed to make it possible. 

We also thank the models who made out time to volunteer for this project. We are deeply grateful. And to the entire FYNI TEAM that has supported the project one way or the other, we say thank you.  

And to the whole family of nurses in Nigeria, Africa and the world, we want to let you all know that the future we all envision for our profession is not just a dream–it is possible. 

You can access the online library for free on Flickr.

Project Team

Ayinla Daniel [Project Lead]

Arowolo Jonathan [Project Team Member]

Abolanle Blessing Dolapo [Project Team Member]

Ololade Ruth [Team Lead, FYNI Media]

Fadodun Oluwadamilola [FYNI Secretary]

Adewa Taiwo [Photographer]

We obtained proper consent from every model featured. 

Indiscriminate use of these media properties is highly prohibited. These media files remain the sole property of FYNI.

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