Life Balance: 3 Tips For Balancing Work, Career, Family, and Goals

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Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

Thomas Merton

Life is a worthwhile journey when lived appropriately.

Maintaining a well-balanced life goes a long way in positively influencing our health, happiness, well-being and how we interact with people around us–including those at work and family. It also significantly boosts productivity at all levels, manages all kinds of stress, and unleashes our true potential. 

The higher we get in life, the busier we become. And the busier we become, the more challenging it is to achieve a healthy balance in all departments of our lives. 

Every department is important. It is expedient that we strive to achieve balance across all facets of our life. No one should be left unattended. A deficiency in one will definitely have adverse effects on the other aspects. 

Balance is necessary at work, in our careers, family, and in our personal life. A balanced life is a functional life. 

Creating a healthy balance in all facets of life is a state we all must pursue every day. It takes a lot of conscious and deliberate action. 

Here are some tips to help you strike a healthy balance in every aspect of your life. 

 1. Have A Priority List: This priority list needs sincerity to make it work. Ensure you understand the things and activities in your life that should be the top priority and attend to them first. After you have sorted them out, you can focus on other things. 

2. Avoid Distractions: Procrastination is a thief of time. It is necessary to do things as and when due, don’t keep them till tomorrow. A saying says, “Make hay while the sun shines”. Do that which is needed to be done immediately. Procrastination is an indicator of indiscipline and must be dealt with. You must be particular about doing things at the right time to achieve balance in your life. 

 3. Delegate Responsibilities: A work that needs to be shared between people and is done by one person would make it slow and unproductive. To delegate responsibilities is to make others participate in the work to yield productivity. Identify the activities in your daily life that will make you more productive if you delegate them to other people. Once you have identified them, ensure you delegate and avoid trying to do everything yourself. 

Conclusively, as we have said earlier, every aspect is as important as the other. 

You just have to find out those ones that are of top priority, attend to them first, and then focus on the others. 

When you have identified the important things in your life, striving for a more balanced life will be much easier. 

Written by Iseoluwa Esther.

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